Team Esol

Team Esol

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Visit to the SPCA by Dipshal

One beautiful afternoon we went to the SPCA on the car-bus.

When we got there we saw some baby dogs and they were sleeping.  The baby dogs were so cute. Then we saw some cats.

After we saw the cats we saw a crazy Banana bird.  I had to run from the Banana.

Next we saw some rabbits and guinea pigs, ducks, cows, goats, llama & dogs.  We looked at the goat.  It was scary.

Next we went to see the cutest baby cats.  Besides the baby cat there was a crazy possum and under the ugly possum there were rabbits.

Later, after that, it was time to go back to school.  The car-bus came and took us back to Nayland School.

The Visit to the SPCA by Baotram

On Monday the 3rd of April we went to the SPCA.  We saw lots of animals, all adorable and friendly except Banana the parrot.

We mostly saw bunnies and kittens which aren't old enough for people to take home.  They're very tiny.

All too soon we watched a slid show.  There were some very skinny dogs because the owner was cruel, so the animals got sent to the SPCA and the owner got sent to jail.

A lady told us that the SPCA was created by the money people donate.

We also saw a goat named Charlie.

Then, after an hour and a half the bus arrived so we went back to school.

Trip to the SPCA by Brendon

On Monday the 3rd of April 2017 we went to the SPCA and we saw most of the animals.
We saw cute little kittens and they went 'meow'.
We saw one goat and one cat that was wanting to scratch people.
I liked these photos because they looked cute.
The guinea pig was nibbling the grass and he was friendly. I did not touch the guinea pig.
I saw a movie.  There was a dog in it.  It was skinny because the person did cruel things to it.  We could see the bones.
We learnt that if we did cruel things the animals could get skinny.  We could go to jail.  The SPCA will take your animal away and then they will sell it to a person that isn't cruel.
I wish I could go there again.  The SPCA is really good.

Pet World by Diego, Room 13

Once there was a crazy Banana parrot.  He lived in a stinky cage at the SPCA.
The puppy said "Look Banana.  The humans are here.  The humans have dark uniforms."
"Aargh! The crazy humans are going to eat me!" said the goat.
The puppy said "Woof woof".  The cute kitten said "Meow meow meow meow".
Banana said "That's silly! We're safe because we are in the SPCA and you know the rules.  Crazy humans can't hurt us.  If they do the humans will never have pets and they might go to jail".
The crazy kids looked at the cute animals.  They gave nice packets of food to the SPCA.  They watched a movie about 'Don't treat animals bad, Treat them good', and touched a little puppy.
In one hour the crazy kids went back to school. Finally no more crazy kids!
And the sun was going down into the deep ground.
Banana had an idea. "I will get out of my cage and see the guinea pigs and the rabbits."
"Me too" said the goat.
The dog said "You know what?  I am going to stay here."
And off they went. "Quack quack.  What are you doing out of your stinky cage?"
"I'm sorry. We just wanted to go and see guinea pigs and horses" said Banana and the goat.
"Me too" said the duck.
"Slap slap".
Banana said "What's that silly noise?"
"It's me" Duck said. "We're here".
"Tick a tick a tick" Guinea Pig said "Why are you in my back yard?"
"We're here to see the ginormous horses."
"Oh great" and the sheep looked at the strange animals. "What are you doing here in the middle of the night?"
"We're here to escape!"
"Good idea!" said Horse & Sheep.
The horse jumped up to the moon and down to the ground.  "Let's go.  It's almost day.  Let's go. Yeehaa!"

The SPCA said "Oh snap! Where are all my animals? I think I can see a head of a duck.  Hey!  Come back here animals!"
"Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin!"
And so they went chasing the animals.

Thank you for listening to this story.
The end.

Going to the SPCA by Daniel Hing

On Monday ten kids went to the SPCA.  They enjoyed it.
They saw cute puppies and kittens, guinea pigs and Banana.
They looked at them.  They touched the goat.  They enjoyed it very much.
They saw a movie on the wall.  Some people look after the animals but some people don't.  The police will take the animal away from them and they will go to jail for three years.
They looked at the animals a bit more and waited for the bus to come back.
Bye bye SPCA!

SPCA Trip by Beyon Joby

In April 2017, on Monday, a few kids went to the SPCA.

We saw lots of kittens and dogs but one of our favourites was Banana because he had yellow feathers and looked like a banana parrot.

My favourite one was a white bunny and my other favourite one was a black fluffy cat.

There were a few cute small parrots.

We had to climd a steep hill to see the guinea pigs and rabbits.  That's when I saw my favourite!

We had lots of fun coming to SPCA and watching a small clip.

At the end we waited for the bus to come & pick us up.

Maybe it was too much fun for us!  Bye SPCA!

We went back to school.

The SPCA by Jaycee

We went to the SPCA.

We saw a cat and a rabbit and a baby dog.  We sat on the ground and we saw a tv and we saw a dog and a cat and little pig.

I touched a rabit and a cat.

I go back to class.  I liked the SPCA and I like my family.

SPCA by Ethan, Room 12

On Monday we went to the SPCA.
We saw lots of animals but the craziest animal they had was a goat.
We saw a parrot called Banana.
My favourite animal was there.  The grey quail because it was so cute.
My second favourite animal was Banana because when I said "Do you like paper?" he nodded his head and went "Barr barr".
The first cutest animal we saw was a kitten that was three weeks old.  When we were coming in we saw three puppies and a big dog.
When we were in the SPCA we saw a SPCA person holding a dog.  We patted it.  The dog was very furry.  Then we went to a room filled with baby kittens.
When we were coming out I went out of the hallway and then Mrs Jimmink said "Come this way" and then we went down that way & we saw a possum and a big furry rabbit.
We went to go to see some horses but only Daniel went up there.  Mrs Jimmink called him back down.
We patted the guinea pig and a big furry rabbit.
I felt like the SPCA was a very god company and I wish I could join that company.

Friday, June 9, 2017

At the SPCA by Felix

On Monday we went to the SPCA.

Outside we saw big dogs and little dogs.  We went inside and put food on the counter.  When a lady came she held a little dog.  It was wet because it finished taking a bath.

We went outside.  We saw small kittens and parrots.  We went up the steps.  A man held a guinea pig.  It was soft like a pillow.

We saw rabbits and ducks and a goat.  We felt it on its horn.  It was hard like rock.  

Then we went into a room with cages.  We saw bunnies in a cage.  There were lots of bunny poops together in space.  It looked like a circle of marbles.

We saw more kittens eating cat food.  There was a next room. There were some more cages.  I didn't like the smell, and how did poo get on the ground when the possum was in a cage?

There was a farm with gates and sheep and a horse.  There were dogs.  Big dogs.

I liked the SPCA.  We went into a little room with computers and a tv.  We saw the SPCA taking care of pets.

The bus was gone.  We waited for the bus to come back.  We went inside.  We played 'I spy with my little eye'.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tongan Language Week

Our school's Tongan population has increased with the arrival of

 Kali and Fakaanga this term.

Welcome to Nayland Primary!!

Click on this link to learn words in Tongan

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Evil Scientist and the Robot

by Thilo

The desert was empty except for a solitary warehouse. It stood alone on the sand dunes which shifted whenever the wind howled and whistled.

Inside the shed there was an evil scientist who had built a malevolent robot. This robot had to pollute the earth’s air. To achieve this, the scientist had put dangerous chemicals into the robot.

Each night the massive robot walked on his six legs to reach a major city by dawn. As the sun came up and the people came out of their houses the poisonous smoke would blow out of the robot’s chimney.

The people were very worried about the robot!! The world leaders had serious meetings. They tried to bomb the robot, but it was indestructible. And also, it was impossible to to find out where the robot would go to next. Because first it went to America and then to Russia.

One day, as the robot went back to the warehouse for more chemicals, the evil scientist stood in front of the door. As the robot came over the overjoyed man shouted
“ You are on the news! You did very well! Come in!”
When the robot entered the door the shed darkened as the robot filled the whole door.

The scientist asked “How many people did you actually kill?”
“Five million” replied the robot.

More chemicals were put into the robot. Suddenly the scientist wheezed “ Oh no! The polluter!!”

Next day, in the newspaper Robot switched off was the front page title. And,  Controller killed himself was the subtitle.

Now the robot has been trained to help the police catch the criminals.

Monday, October 19, 2015

body snap cards

yesterday I with lesley play body snap cards. I sorted the cards in to group and very fast.

by Anna

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Anna from Vietnam has made this presentation about endangered animals

the trip to the centre of NZ

Our Trip to the Centre of New Zealand

by Anna,Kasaea,Beyon,Dipshal,Brendon,Thilo,Ethan,

I liked sitting on the bus.
I liked going down the hill.
I liked going in the bus because it was my first time.
I liked being with a lot of people, and Mum and Dad.
When I went up I saw the houses, the mountains, roads, cars and I saw trees too.
It was fun going to the NZ centre.
I liked running up the hill.
I liked playing on the grass.
It was good fun. I liked the big hills and I can see everywhere.
I liked going up and taking photos.
The hill is high and when I looked down I could see over Nelson.
That we saw the world.
It was very fun because we got to play up there.
I liked seeing the world (view)
I don’t like going up the hill because I was so tired.
I didn’t like the walking because I was tired.
It took a long time to walk there.
When I came down I couldn’t stop running and my feet were starting to hurt.
There was nothing I didn’t like.
I don’ like sitting on the bus.
It was steep going up the hill.
I liked everything.
I made a bow and arrow but the bow kept breaking, so I took it home for dad to fix.
It was a long way up the hill.
That I had to run and I don’t like running
I was kinda tired after the trip up there.
I liked looking at the view – the houses, the mountains
I found the sign that said ‘Centre of NZ’ on the ground.
The trip on the bus, because I have not been on a bus for a long time.
I liked the view, and the white and blue clouds.
I found the NZ centre interesting because I hadn’t seen it before.
I found the view interesting.
People eating others’ food.
I found the sculpture and the mountains interesting.
I found the plants interesting, but I have seen the kauri tree before.
The sculpture was interesting because I have never seen it before.
I could see Stoke in the distance – it was a long way away.
We saw a lot of rocks and we thought we found a fossil.
Looking for fossils

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thilo matches scientific words with their meanings

Fantastic work Thilo!!
( Thilo is from Germany and has been at Nayland Primary for just 4 weeks. )

Aquapool Visit

The esol kids had great fun when they went to the Richmond Pool for the afternoon.